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TKA Consult is an investment firm that manages investment portfolios in shares, commodities and forex, working the local and international business environment for corporate entities and individual investors in need of assistance and support to accomplish their business objectives.

We are an investment boutique that specializes and is strong suited for profitable engagements that cuts across the full range of the financial services industry. We take pride in and are perfectly positioned to deliver world class services in the management of myriad of investment portfolios while according each and every client the outstanding personal attention they deserve. Our objective is to build long-term personal and profitable relationships and accomplish client’s investment goals which is the basis for which our services are tailored. Our mission, vision and values reinforces the longevity of our relationships. Fundamentally, the philosophy we operate by is rooted on the obligation to deliver efficient and quality services that will ensure that we guarantee optimum satisfaction to our clients as well as achieve and sustain a lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial with them.

Hence, our services are developed first to thoroughly study and understand our clients’ business potentials and difficulties, which will then aid us to ideate and put the client’s business into perspective , proffer and execute solutions as well as recommend unrealized opportunities.

Our passion for business is embedded in our culture and we make it a priority to constantly evolve in our business environment.

  • Excellence
  • Dynamism
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

We are experts in consultancy.

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